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Referee Assignment & Selection Tool

RefAssiST™ is the leading software package for referee management, optimised referee scheduling & digital observer and referee communication in sports competitions.

Modules Stand-alone or all-in-one?

Why RefAssiST?

The challenges related to referee management are huge. Appointing referees is a tedious and time-consuming task, because of the many, often conflicting, boundary conditions that have to be taken into account. Moreover, referee management in general requires a detailed administration and a reliable communication channel to and from referees and observers.

RefAssiST tackles all these challenges in a comprehensive, user-friendly solution consisting of 4 different modules.

RefAssiST's modular software design enables full flexibility!

RefAssiST manual appointments RefAssiST observer website

A platform for complete referee administration and profound support for time efficient and optimal manual appointments.

An online observer report platform containing all necessary communication with the observers.

RefAssiST automatic appointments RefAssiST referee website

Customisable optimization algorithms for automatic appointments.

An online communication platform for all necessary information from and to the referees.

All 4 RefAssiST modules are mutually coupled, i.e. all information gathered in one module is available in the other modules. Nevertheless, all modules are available as separate products.

Interfacing with existing systems?

Communication with existing software or an external database is possible and straightforward, thanks to our API-driven tools for data handshake. In addition, RefAssiST contains an internal competition management system that is available on demand.

Appointments Module 1 & 2

RefAssiST manual appointments

The manual appointments module consists of 3 main parts

  • A well-arranged referee & observer administration platform:
    • To keep track of referee availability, refusals, matches, training courses, marks, back-up referees,...
    • To request appointing reports, referee statistics and season statistics, offered in many formats with customisable graphics.
    • For general configuration.

  • A qualitative support tool for time-efficient and optimal manual appointments:
    • Only referees that are allowed to lead the match are shown.
    • All necessary referee and observer information in one single screen: rankings, last matches,...

  • An automatic alert system: when a referee becomes unavailable for a match (due to change in match date, new leave, injury, ...) automatic alerts are sent to the referee officer. This strongly reduces the risk of erroneous or inconsistent appointments.

RefAssiST automatic appointments

For matches that are not manually appointed, RefAssiST contains algorithms for automatic appointments.

These algorithms take into account all the necessary boundary conditions and can optimise several Key Performance Indicators. E.g.:

  • Minimize transport costs.
  • Maximize the average number of unique clubs/match.
  • Maximize the time between matches with an identical club.
  • Minimize the number of times a referees is appointed for the same club.

The RefAssiST optimisation algorithms are completely customisable. You create your own rules and boundary conditions!

RefAssiST is being used for over 2 seasons by the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) for all its football and futsal appointments. The time-efficiency of the approximately 125,000 appointments has increased significantly while the error rate has reduced considerably.

In addition, the transport expenses decreased without sending referees to the same (nearby) clubs over and over again. In Belgium, this leads to a reduction in transport expenses of 25 to 30%, which means Belgian football referees will drive 1,500,000 km less/year.

Official websites Module 3 & 4

RefAssiST observer website

The RefAssiST observer website provides a digital communication channel for the observers:

  • Consulting appointments/assessments, requesting leaves & adminstration of personal data,...

  • Online observer report (completely customisable), with well-arranged work flow (draft-sent-approved-rejected) and including pdf-extraction.

  • Reports can be consulted within other RefAssiST modules by the referee officer.

RefAssiST referee website

The RefAssiST referee website is the communication channel between the referee officer and the referees. Referees can:

  • Consult the appointments.

  • Request leaves & change personal data.

  • Receive messages and communication about courses and tests.

  • Read approved observer reports.

  • Get access to digital education.

Coming soon!

Video clip feature: select phases & create video clips, add them to the online observer report and watch them when consulting the report in the referee website.

Extended training follow-up: referees can add their training monitoring data which can be efficiently evaluated by the referee officer within RefAssiST.

Features What you get!

RefAssiST offers a solution for all referee management challenges by providing the user the next key-features.

Experience & reliability

For more than 2 years, RefAssiST is being used by the Royal Belgian Football Association for all football and futsal appointments. With more than 125,000 appointments to be done each season, and a large amount of users, RefAssiST has proven its stability and reliability!

Optimal support

The RefAssiST support service is renowned for its reaction speed and flexibility. In an independent satisfactory survey, performed by the UCLL among the RBFA users, the RefAssiST support service got an average score of 90% ! RefAssiST has been developed by a team of refereeing and software experts, with state-of-the-art technologies.


RefAssiST not only enables to automate referee appointments, but also to rationalize the transport expenses. Overhead of administrative tasks is eliminated, flows are automated (e.g. observer reports) and tracking of (individual) referee performance can be configured. In addition, RefAssiST contains convenient reporting tools, that allow the management to track and analyse the relevant KPI's, and take action if necessary.

Highly generic & customisable!

RefAssiST is highly generic and can be customized for referee and official appointments in other sports, to obey other boundary conditions or to optimize other, user-defined, KPI's. Do you want more information about RefAssiST or are you interested in a personal demo? Please go to the contact page and get in touch!

News Latest Posts

RBFA observer website

Observer website

We are proud to announce the RefAssiST observer website module is now used by the RBFA.

With this fully responsive AngularJS application, observers complete the referee report on their computer, tablet or smartphone in a standardized (and configurable!) workflow.

Administrative overhead and errors are eliminated. Assessment statistics are integrated in the RefAssiST appointment modules and a referee file is created where one can consult the career of a specific referee at all times.

In addition performance analysis of the current set referees can be done (e.g. point of improvements of all referees from a certain category can be spotted).

At last, accepted pdf reports are sent automatically to the corresponding referees by the RefAssiST reporting tools and can be consulted in our referee website.

RBFA satisfactory survey

The University College Leuven-Limburg performed an independent satisfactory survey among the RBFA RefAssiST users.

RefAssiST got an overall score of 84%, while the RefAssiST support service got even more than 90%! Generally all RefAssiST-users acknowledge that they need less time for the appointments, and errors are less frequent.

RefAssiST also used for Belgian Futsal appointments!

We are proud to announce RefAssiST is also used for the appointment of the Belgian Futsal competitions.

RefAssiST going live!

We are proud to announce RefAssiST is already being used for the appointment of the Belgian Football Play-Offs.

New partner: Royal Belgian Football Association.

We are proud to announce our latest partner: the Royal Belgian Football Association. The RBFA represents all football clubs in Belgium. The RBFA was founded in 1895 and comprises two thousand football clubs. The Association organises 300,000 football games every season.

RefAssiST will assist the referee officers in appointing over more than 2,500 football matches that need at least 1 or more referees each week.

The appointment of these referees is a tedious and time-consuming task, because of the many, often conflicting, boundary conditions. RefAssiST takes all of them into account in its flexible user interface. After setting manual referee- & observer appointments, RefAssiST offers a module to automate other open matches with mathematical algorithms in order to get the optimal solution!

RefAssiST will be deployed in all Belgian Provinces and will even be used in the Belgian National Football and Futsal Leagues!

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